Best Parks for Families in Mancos

Best Parks for Families in Mancos

Looking for fun, family-friendly places to spend time outdoors in Mancos, Colorado? We have curated this list just for you! Mancos boasts a variety of parks, each offering something unique for families with kids of all ages. Whether you're seeking a playground for little ones, a wide-open space for running and playing with your pup, or a scenic spot for a picnic by the river, Mancos has you covered.

Boyle Park: The Hub of Family Fun

Boyle Park is the heart of Mancos' park scene. This bustling park offers a large playground perfect for burning off energy, a softball field for friendly family games, and a basketball court for honing those shooting skills. Need a bathroom break? No problem! Boyle Park features public restrooms for your convenience, as well as covered picnic areas. History buffs will appreciate the park's historic wooden town jail, a charming reminder of Mancos' past, and the newly erected sculpture of Historic Mancos Cattle Brands.

But wait, there's more! Boyle Park is also a hub for community events. Catch the weekly Mancos Valley Farmers Market for fresh produce, live music and local crafts (summer), or join the festivities during Mancos Days and Mancos Burrofest.

Photo: Boyle Park by Sherman Shewmaker

Cottonwood Park: Unleashing Your Inner Explorer

Venture to the edge of town and discover Cottonwood Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This expansive park boasts a large open space perfect for a variety of activities. Got a furry friend? Unleash them in the designated dog park area (don't forget the poop bags!). Feeling playful? Fly a kite in the wide-open field or build a snowman (or even an igloo!) in the winter.

Hidden Gems: Pocket Parks and Town Celebrations

Mancos offers hidden gems for families too! Tucked away in the north side of town, Creekside Pocket Park features a small, turf-covered playground – perfect for little ones. And don't forget Pioneer Plaza, located right downtown. While it may masquerade as a parking lot most of the time, this space transforms into a lively venue for community events. Enjoy the Town Christmas Tree Lighting and Mancos Old-Fashioned Christmas, or grab a drink at the "Beer Garden" during Mancos Days.

Mancos State Park: A Watery Wonderland

Just a few miles outside of town lies Mancos State Park, a jewel nestled on the shores of Jackson Reservoir, the town's water source. Families flock here to fish, boat, paddleboard, camp, and picnic amidst the breathtaking mountain scenery. With an even higher elevation of 7,800 feet, Mancos State Park offers a refreshing escape during the warmer months.

Beyond the Parks: A World of Outdoor Adventure

Mancos isn't just about parks! The surrounding San Juan National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands offer endless opportunities for exploration. Hike scenic trails, go horseback riding, bike along pathways, or go off-roading for an unforgettable family adventure.

So, come explore Mancos, Colorado, and discover the perfect park for your family's next adventure! With its abundance of green spaces, community events, and stunning natural beauty, Mancos promises memories that will last a lifetime.

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